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Turning your collection into something special

Whether you are seeking to display your collectibles in your family china cabinet or in a fine art museum, our professional restoration services will make your valuables visually stunning.  Please feel free to bring in your object for an estimate during our business hours.  All estimates are free & honored for six months.   No appointment necessary.  Estimated turnaround time: 6-10 weeks.

• Ceramics and porcelain

• Glass

• Crystal

• Stone

• Plastic/resin/composition

• We do not repair acrylic

Enjoy your valuables for years to come

Our Decorative Objects Department focuses on the preservation of ceramics, porcelains, crystal and glassware.  We respect the delicate nature of these materials, these items may be badly shattered, perhaps missing pieces or sections, but we are up for the challenge!  

A commitment to beautiful work

Please direct inquiries to our shop


We'll restore your ceramics or glass to their original beauty. Visit us at

7803 Inwood Rd.

Map of location

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